Tabula Sono Premium Features
The entire Sonoverse at your fingertips


For most people, our free tier is plenty. But maybe you want more; maybe you need more. We’ve got you. The Tabula Sono Premium Features will unlock the full potential of Tabula Sono so you can be a super-gamemaster, an expert world-builder, the aficionado of tale-weaving, or just a mini-hoarder. Whether you’re a game master or a player, we’ve designed these features to provide continuous value for not only you, but also everyone else in your game.

Free Tier

Perfect for Most
FREE Forever
  • Join Unlimited Games
  • Create your own Game
  • Up to 10 players in your game
  • Import up to 3 miniatures or maps
  • Use our free library of 1000+ assets

Sono Subscription

For those that crave for more
$ 9 / month
  • Join Unlimited Games
  • Create Unlimited Games on our Servers
  • Import up to 250 miniatures or maps
  • Up to 25 players/spectators in your games
  • Use our free library of 1000+ of assets
  • Access our Premium Library of 250+ assets
So Cool

One-time Unlocks

For those not in to the whole "sub" thing
Varies per unlock
  • Additional Game Slots
  • Additional Import Slots