Frequently Asked Questions


Tabula Sono is a free, in-browser 3D virtual tabletop for any tabletop RPG and all play styles.

There are tools out there that cover the following points, but Sono covers all the following bases in a single tool:

Free – Our core product is free. No one in your party needs to pay anything to play.

3D – Part of the magic of in-person games is the tactile and visual nature of miniatures on a board. Give me the feels.

In-browser – There’s nothing to download or install, you don’t need Steam or any other tools, you don’t need a high-end gaming PC, and you don’t need admin rights on your computer. Just a modern browser.

Out-of-the-way – We’re not trying to be photo-realistic or a one-stop-solution to your games. We’ll focus on being a digital whiteboard for your minis, and leave the rest up to you. We won’t dictate rulesets, make you use our content, force you to spend hours of prep-time, or restrict your gameplay. It’s your game, not ours; so play it how you want!

You can play any board-and-miniature-based game with Sono. Most people use it for tabletop RPGs like DnD/Pathfinder or war-games like Warhammer. BUT it’s a blank canvas, so you can use it for almost anything!

Definitely take a look at our YouTube channel for our Getting Started guide. 

Tabula Sono is free-to-play. No one in your party needs to pay a dime to get in and start playing! We have premium features for avid gamemasters and players, but the majority of people will never need to pay a dime.

No catch here! The core product is (and always will be) completely free. In order to keep the lights on, we do have a  subscription and marketplace of premium assets and features that you can buy and use in your games.

The team is quit their jobs and used their savings to fund and build Tabula Sono. In the long-run, we’re going to be relying on our paid features to keep the lights on and pay the bills, but with community support, we can focus our attention on keeping the free features and assets front-and-center.

Just a computer with an Internet connection. There’s nothing to download or install and we’ve gone to great lengths to keep things simple enough to run on low-end machines (granny’s vintage 1998 Dell) and super high-end gaming rigs. The goal is to allow as many people to play with as little hassle as possible.

Nuthin. Each game has a unique link. When someone clicks on that link, they join the game in their browser. That’s it!

Nope. Our free miniatures and props library has over 1000 free models already and we’ll constantly be adding more. If you do want to support us by subscribing and getting access to our premium library, we’d love that, but you can also import your own tokens and minis to use. Just make sure if you stream that you have the rights to use them like that!

Of course! We support importing most 3D file formats including 3D printer files (STL,), game files (gltf, obj), and a bunch more. You can also pull in a rendered map image from just about any map marker to act as your floor! Just make sure if you livestream or publish a recorded session that you have the rights to use those assets in a stream!

Most likely! There are some really awesome tools out there that let you create miniatures and maps. While we support importing almost any 3D model or 2D map in to Sono, make sure you read through their terms to make sure it’s okay to use the content you generate there in other tools. 

Yes, please do. As a free tool, that kind of exposure goes a long way for us. All of the assets provided by Sono are fully licensed and streamable, but if you pull in your own, just make sure you have the rights to stream images of them and aren’t violating any copyrights!

Still Have Questions?

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