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Feb 20, 2021, Tabula Gaming LLC

Tabula Sono has met its Funding Goal on Kickstarter and launches to the public Q3 2022


Tabula Sono is a cloud-based tool that aims to bring back the power of creativity to our tabletop roleplaying games by providing free, accessible, and compatible tools to the gaming community.

 Tabletop RPGs have been making a comeback as of late. Dungeons & Dragons is the big name everyone knows, but there are hundreds of other similar games that focus on collaborative story-telling in a cooperative setting. The community around these games is thriving and growing every day. A testament to that community is the partially crowd-funded project Tabula Sono.

Tabula Sono reached it’s crowd-funding goal on Kickstarter within 2 hours of launching on February 15, 2022.

Tabula Gaming, LLC is pleased to announce that Tabula Sono reached it’s crowd-funding goal on Kickstarter within 2 hours of launching on February 15, 2022 and will be launching to the public in Q3 of 2022. 

In addition to reaching its funding goal, Tabula Sono continues to raise money for it’s platform and is currently unlocking Stretch Goals for the community. At the time of this writing, Tabula Sono is at 200% of its funding goal and has unlocked two features that will be released to the public for free as a thank you to everyone that’s supported the platform. There are still stretch goals on the table and the crowd-funding campaign runs through March 16, 2022.

The Product: Tabula Sono

Tabula Sono is a free platform that allows tabletop RPG groups to come together online and play their games with ultimate creative freedom. 

Sono Highlights

    • Free to play
    • Nothing to download or install
    • Runs on any computer or laptop with a modern browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc) and an internet connection
    • Allows up to 10 players per session anywhere in the world
    • Quickly draw your whiteboard-based environment
    • Change your world settings to match the mood of the moment
    • Use 3D miniatures from our extensive free library or import your own 3D minis
    • Give players control of their miniatures to move them around the world
    • Compatible with any tabletop RPG system

About Tabula Gaming, LLC

We quit our high-end agency and client work to pursue our passions full-time and created Tabula Gaming, LLC with one mission: to bring back the power of creativity to our tabletop  roleplaying games by providing free, accessible, and compatible tools to the gaming community.

Tabula Gaming, LLC is uniquely positioned to  use our experience as digital product designers, developers, and marketers and combine it with our innate creative nerdiness to provide online tools to the tabletop community that are out-of-the-way, easy to use, allow game sessions to focus on collaborative storytelling and are  compatible with any gaming system (not just Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder).

Tabula Gaming is a group of experienced product designers, developers, and marketers coming from most agency and client service backgrounds. That experience means we’ve been responsible for bringing hundreds of products, websites, apps, and experiences to the digital world over the years. We cut our teeth in just about every major business industry and have some name-drop-worthy clients under our belts like Disney, Facebook, NASA, Cisco, LinkedIn, Microsoft, NCAA, Siemens, Sony, Fred Segal, Unilever/Dove, Bank of America, Clemson University, Kevin Hart, Oculus, Neutrogena, Nike, Westgate Resorts, Universal/NBC, Darden, Cartoon Network, MTV, etc (whew). 

What’s Next

Q2 2022 – Beta Launch and Early Access: Tabula Sono Kickstarter backers will all receive varying levels of early access depending on their funding amount that will get them in 30-90 days before the public.

Q3 2022 – Launch: Tabula Sono will be free to the entire community with nothing to download or install. We will support further development with a subscription program.

Q4 2022 – Revenue Features: After launch, we’ll finish out and launch our revenue-generating features like premium content, premium immersive effects, larger game sizes, and streaming tools. 

2023 and Beyond: We believe firmly that our product should live and grow with the needs of our community and the product itself. We’ve got lots of cool ideas like controls for tablets, full-color miniature imports, and even a real-time soundtrack generator! But, we’re going to hold off on solidifying those plans until we’re in-market and know what’s really needed.



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